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In addition to the Basics of Axial Flow Fans manual, the following technical information provides a detailed comparison of Hudson Tuf-LiteŽ and Tuf-Lite IIŽ fans.  This technical information also provides essential data to field personnel.

Field Inspection Guidelines (26 KB)
Proper Belt Tension (404 KB)
Fan Assembly and Installation Instructions (15 KB)
Tuf-LiteŽ versus Tuf-Lite IIŽ Comparisons (9 KB)
Tuf-Lite IIIŽ versus Tuf-Lite IIŽ Comparisons (257 KB)


Read the Manual Here

A Long Tradition
Hudson Products Corporation is the world leader in axial flow fan technology. We maintain that position through the process of continuous improvement, utilizing sophisticated computer-aided blade design and state-of-the-art fan blade manufacturing facilities. Aeronautical design and exhaustive testing at our research center have produced fan blades with unexcelled features and performance.

The Result: Hudson Tuf-Lite and Tuf-Lite IIŽ Fans
Hudson fans are built with uncompromising attention to quality. They are the standard for commercial, industrial and utility applications, offering a combination of performance, strength, endurance, and reliability unmatched by aluminum or competitive plastic blade fans.

We offer customers a choice of materials. Tuf-Lite fans are manufactured from epoxy resins, while Tuf-Lite II fans are manufactured from vinyl ester resins. Both materials provide significantly higher operating temperatures than the competing polyester resins.

Tuf-Lite and Tuf-Lite II fans also offer blade configurations specifically designed to optimize air-movement under a variety of conditions.

TufLiteŽ Fans and Hudson Experience — An Optimum Combination

Coupled with Hudson's 35 years of experience, Tuf-Lite Fans

  • Ensure accurate, dependable, and predictable air-flow delivery.
  • Reduce first-cost horsepower requirements and lower operating costs through high efficiency design.
  • Provide easy installation and dependable operation.
  • Optimize the number of blades for cost-effective applications.
  • Incorporate one-piece airfoil construction.
  • Offer low-noise operation for sensitive environments.

Features That Set Hudson Fans Apart

Tuf-Lite and Tuf-Lite II blades both use the airfoil section that has made Hudson fans renowned for high efficiency and low noise. By varying the chord width and the angle of attack along the length of the blade, these fans yield significantly higher performance than constant-chord-width fans. Increased efficiency provides higher static pressure and air flow capability, and minimizes horsepower requirements.

Included on every fan assembly, Hudson's center air seal also boosts efficiency.

Hudson manufactures fan assemblies to precise tolerances. The installation of these precision assemblies allows minimum tip clearances, further improving fan efficiency.

Light-weight, high-strength hollow fiberglass construction provides high energy absorption qualities. These unique characteristics reduce handling problems and ensure increased safety for operating personnel and surrounding equipment.

Lightweight but Tough
Fiberglass composite construction of all Tuf-Lite fans provides the advantages of light weight and great fatigue resistance.

Erosion Resistance
The leading edge of Tuf-Lite II fans is constructed with a space-age ceramic material. This patented, built-in Tuf-Edge™ surface prevents erosion caused by the impingement of water droplets and dirt.

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Chemical Resistance
Formulated toughened resins used for Tuf-Lite blades resist corrosion better than polyester or aluminum materials.

All fan blades are moment-balanced to a master standard, so any single blade can be replaced by a blade of like size and type. Matched sets are not required.

Small fan hubs are dynamically balanced, while large hubs are statically balanced for smooth, vibration-free operation.

Ultra-Violet Resistance
All Tuf-Lite II blades are protected by a tough, high-solids polyurethane coating that can resist years of sunlight without harmful effects.

Hudson Fan Hubs —
Quality and Strength to Match Tuf-Lite Blades

Simple, Durable
Hudson hubs are simple in construction and incorporate durable materials for long life. Designed to accommodate either straight or tapered shafts, hubs are constructed of galvanized steel, ductile or cast iron, and corrosion-resistant aluminum. Fasteners are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or monel.

All hubs have tapered bushings with a built-in feature to positively locate the hub on the shaft. Fans smaller than 16 feet in diameter are available with 4 to 8 blades. Larger fans are available with many combinations of blade counts to optimize each air-moving application.

Variable Air Flow
Optimum process temperature control, continuous power savings, and, where necessary, freeze protection are provided by either of Hudson's Auto-Variable or Variflo technologies. Auto-Variable hubs control air flow by varying the blade pitch angle, whereas Hudson Variflo technology achieves the same result by varying the fan speed.

Total Quality
Hudson's commitment to Total Quality Management assures uncompromised attention to detail in the manufacturing of Tuf-Lite Fans and components.

Manufactured in modern facilities by workers dedicated to continuous improvement, Hudson fan blades are highly consistent.

Corrosion/erosion resistance, durability, safety and efficient performance are a few of the characteristics that make Hudson's light-weight, precision balanced fans the worldwide symbol of excellence and superior quality.

Tuf-Lite Fans are available with:

  • A variety of non-standard finishes and materials for custom applications.
  • Metric and non-standard diameters.
  • Static pressure capabilities as high as 2 inches of water.
  • Metric and non-standard hub bores.

Hudson's fans and fan components are immediately available from inventory for delivery to any location in the world. Prompt delivery and service are standard operating procedures.

We respond rapidly to emergency situations, shipping parts and components and/or supplying service to any location within hours.

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