The only fiberglass fan that is made in the USA, Hudson began manufacturing Tuf-Lite® fans in 1955, and we’re still setting the standards and pushing the boundaries of performance, reliability, and innovation. Today more than 250,000 Hudson axial flow fans are in use worldwide, and Tuf-Lite fans are far and away the preferred fan by the most demanding plant operators. With three generations of fans in the field and a continuous commitment to improvement, you can trust Tuf-Lite® fans to keep performing and innovating.

Half the world uses Hudson fans.

The other half wishes they did. In fact, more than 250,000 of our axial flow fans are in use in more than 100 countries around the world.

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We put our fans to the test long before our customers do.

Before Hudson fans go to work in your plant, we put them to the test in ours. Not only do we use the latest engineering technologies such as computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis to test our designs, Hudson performs extensive testing in its research and development facilities to ensure our fans live up to our demanding standards and the expectations of the most demanding plant operators and environments in the World.  

No one makes fans like Hudson.

Hudson employs proprietary advanced composite technologies and over six decades of know-how in the design and manufacturing of our fans.  For Tuf-Lite II® and Tuf-Lite III®, Hudson uses a specially designed vinyl ester resin, embed proprietary leading edge protection called Tuf-Edge®, and provide a UV resistant coating on the exterior of the blades. Tuf-Lite® is designed to maximize the strength to weight ratio, and also provide maximum corrosion resistance. Tuf-Lite® is designed with an aerodynamic twist and taper which provides even air flow distribution along the blade span, provides even horsepower loading, energy efficiency, and a smoother fan operation which minimizes vibration. 

Pick our brains, then pick our products

Our engineers and design specialists are here to answer your questions about the Hudson fans of your choice. Call (800) 634-9160 to schedule a lunch and learn, demonstration or plant tour.

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