With more than 250,000 of our axial flow fans in use around the world and Hudson’s continual commitment to innovation and relentless focus on quality, Tuf-Lite® fans set the standards for quality, durability and performance. Tuf-Lite® is made up of three generations of fan blade families: Tuf-Lite I®, Tuf-Lite II®, and Tuf-Lite III®.

​General uses

Tuf-Lite® are high performance, durable, and efficient fans used in air-cooled heat exchangers, cooling towers, and air-cooled steam condensers (ACCs). Tuf-Lite® can be used as an OEM product or as a performance upgrade to improve reliability, air-flow, cooling performance, and energy efficiency.


Fan diameters range from 5-40 feet.

Superior Construction of Tuf-Lite® Fans

Tuf-Lite® are hand-laid-up molded fan blades with either epoxy resin or a proprietary vinyl ester resin that is specifically formulated for Hudson. Each blade has a different fiberglass configuration that is as a result of 60+ years of know-how and continuous improvement and innovation. Additionally, Tuf-Lite II® and Tuf-Lite III® include a UV protective coating  and our proprietary Tuf-Edge® embedded leading edge protection. Due to this design, Tuf-Lite®  are the most reliable fans in the world.

Performance Design

Tuf-Lite® is designed to maximize the strength to weight ratio, and also provide maximum corrosion resistance. Tuf-Lite® is designed with an aerodynamic twist and taper which provides even air flow distribution along the blade span, provides even horsepower loading, energy efficiency, and a smoother fan operation which minimizes vibration. From a performance standpoint, due to the twist and taper, Tuf-Lite® represent some of the most efficient and highest performing fans in the world.


Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers:
  • Tuf-Lite® can improve the thermal duty performance of your air-cooled heat exchanger by providing 15%-60% more airflow and better reliability.  Hudson can outperform any air-cooled heat exchanger fan in the World.   
  • Tuf-Lite® can reduce your overall air-cooled heat exchanger operating costs by delivering the necessary air flow performance for your thermal duty needs at a reduction in horsepower.  
  • Tuf-Lite® is specified by the most demanding refining, petrochemical, and power generation operators in the World.
Cooling Tower Fans:
  • Tuf-Lite® will outperform its competition and ensure that you are receiving the necessary performance and reliability that you demand from your cooling tower fan.
  • Tuf-Lite® is designed to withstand the most corrosive and demanding environments in the cooling tower industry.
  • Tuf-Lite® is the most requested axial flow fan in the field erected cooling tower market.
Air-Cooled Condensers:
  • The Tuf-Lite® design and construction is ideal to handle the demanding needs  that exist in an ACC. 
  • Tuf-Lite® can withstand the high winds that are typical in an ACC application that cause other fans to fail.
  • One recent case study: A major 45-cell ACC unit in Colorado was experiencing continuous fan failures. The operator replaced the fans in the fall of 2014 with Tuf-Lite II® and have not had any failures since. Additionally, they gained 13% more airflow at 10% less horsepower.  


    Tuf-Lite I
    Tuf-Lite® II and III
    Tuf-Lite III KW®
    Low Noise
    High Temp
    Tuf-Lite I
    • The original Tuf-Lite, first generation
    • Created in the 1950s and still going
    • Single piece, light weight construction
    • Constructed with an epoxy resin
    • Available in 5'-40' diameters
    Tuf-Lite® II and III
    • Tuf-Lite II® was created in 1984 and Tuf-Lite III® in 2004. Both blade families are manufactured in Texas.
    • Tuf-Lite II® and Tuf-Lite III® have their own air-foil designs which provide different performance characteristics. Contact our engineers to determine the best option for your needs.
    • Tuf-Lite II® is a two piece fan blade and Tuf-Lite III® is a one piece fan blade.
    • Both types are constructed of vinyl ester resin developed specifically for Hudson.
    • Both incorporate Hudson’s patent Tuf-Edge® leading edge protection and stainless steel and neoprene leading edge protections are available upon request.
    • Both include exterior UV protective coatings.
    • Tuf-Lite II® is available from 6’ to 40’ in diameter.
    • Tuf-Lite III® is available from 11’ to 10 meter in diameter. 6’-10’ diameters will be available in the Fall of 2016.
    Tuf-Lite III KW®

    Tuf-Lite III KW® is in a class of its own.  The KW is the most versatile and highest performing fan in its class.  The KW is a wide chord fan available from 11’-20’ in diameter.  Due to its innovative design, it can be used to provide more air flow that is unmatched by any other fan, can be used for lower noise applications, is energy efficient, and is as reliable as all Hudson fans.  The KW can be used in any 11’-20’ application and is most commonly used for air-cooled heat exchangers, field erected cooling towers, and package cooling towers.     

    Low Noise
    CX-Ultra Low Noise Fans
    • Available in 7'-14' foot diameters
    • One of the quietest fans in the world
    • Made out of fiberglass and uses the same resin as Tuf-Lite® II and III
    • Can be used in all 7'-14' diameter fan applications
    High Temp
    Tuf-Lite High Temperature
    • Tuf-Lite® II-HT and III-HT are available for high temperature applications where the air outlet temperature in an induced draft air-cooled heat exchanger will reach 250 degrees fahrenheit continuously and 300 degrees fahrenheit intermittently. 
    • Hudson uses a special epoxy resin for its high-temperature fans. 
    • Tuf-Lite HT® includes the same Tuf-Edge® leading edge protection and the same UV protective coatings as the standard Tuf-Lite® II and IIIs.